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Josh Dukes: Biography and Class Description


Josh Dukes is an All Ireland champion accompanist and a highly sought after music teacher in the BaltimoJoshua Dukesre/Washington D.C. area. A multi-instrumentalist whose talents embrace the ceili drums, guitar, bouzouki, bodhran, flute, and tin whistle, Josh has established a reputation for providing sensitive, tasteful support for traditional Irish music.

As a young high school student, Josh studied the oboe, tenor/alto saxophone, drum set and baritone horn. Outside of the classroom, he learned the art of ancient rudimental drumming under the tutelage of Dominick Cuccia, a widely respected instructor/performer in the fife and drum community. In 1997, Josh enlisted in the Army and has since earned the rank of Master Sergeant , currently serving as one of three Drum Majors for the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, “The Official Escort to the President,” the only military unit of its kind.
Josh continues to perform Irish music, having shared the stage with such renowned musicians including John Doyle, Paddy Keenan, Billy and Sean McComiskey, Brendan Mulvihill, Kevin Crawford, Zan McLeod, and Myron Bretholz, and he can be seen playing ceili drums regularly with The Old Bay Ceili Band. Josh lives in greater D.C. Area with his wife Judy and two daughters, Mya and Olivia.
This class will cover the approaches to tradition Irish music guitar accompaniment. Focus will be placed on rhythm, chord selection, phrasing, and right and left-hand techniques.  An emphasis will be placed on learning when and when not to play certain chords as well as deciphering keys and different tune types.

This class will focus on the different approaches to Irish Bouzouki backing. Some key points of discussion will be: popular cross picking bouzouki patterns and rhythms, chord selection, phrasing, and right and left-hand techniques.  There will be time set aside for each student to accompany Josh and receive instant feedback.