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Hilari Farrington

Hilari Farrington Catskills Irish Arts Week


Largely self-taught on harp, Hilari Farrington considers herself lucky to have learned music from some of the most respected players in the Irish music tradition.  Known for her distinctive harp style which is strongly influenced by the uilleann pipes repertoire, as well as by her study of button accordion with Billy McComiskey and Eamon Flynn, she has taught and performed across North America, and is featured on several recordings.

She and her husband, uilleann piper and instrument-maker, Benedict Koehler, founded the Vermont School of Irish Traditional music where they teach and sponsor workshops and concerts.   Respected as teachers and performers, Benedict and Hilari’s East Montpelier home is a noted gathering place for musicians from all over the world.  

Intermediate Harp Class

Once you learn the basics of Irish harp, you are now ready to start having some fun.   And there’s nothing more fun in music than playing with others, whether in duo, trio or in larger groups.  

If you are accustomed to practicing alone, you might have found it difficult to make the transition to “playing well with others”. This intermediate harp class will give you the tools, practice, and confidence you’ll need to enjoy playing in combination with other musicians. Everyone will be welcome to come into the class with goals and with questions, all of which we’ll try to tackle over the week.  

Registered students will get a practice recording on either CD or flash drive, both to work with during the week and also to bring home.  And if you e-mail me in advance I’ll be happy to send you some recordings ahead of time.

Here are a few CD tracks, which include my own playing in a group, just to give you an idea of the possibilities.