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About Our Fall Series

CIAW Launches 3rd Annual Fall Series,Columbus Day Weekend on the 9th- 11th (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) October 2015,In East Durham, N.Y.

Fall in the Catskills has long drawn visitors from far and wide, to enjoy the spectacular beauty of it’s breathtaking colors. East Durham is no stranger to this phenomena, opening it’s doors with an Irish Welcome in hospitality, music, song, dance, poetry and camaraderie.

The Catskill Irish Arts Week , hosts to one of the largest Irish Traditional Summer Camps in North America in July each year will launch its 3rd Annual Fall Series.

The Catskills Irish Arts Week will celebrate its Fall Series this Columbus Day weekend 9thth to 12th October. Now in its third year and gaining ground this is a mini version of the big week in July featuring at least ten teacher musicians, singers and dancers. Workshops, ceili dances and sessions will be offered throughout the weekend.  A grand concert will be held at the Shamrock House on Saturday night. The “Year of the Woman” theme from the July week will continue into this weekend, honoring four incredible women for their work and dedication to the preservation and performance of the Traditional music of Ireland. We are indebted to Margie Mulvihill, Linda Hickman Patty Furlong and Rose Conway Flanagan for their invaluable roles in “Keeping the Tradition Alive”.  There will be much more to tell you about these wonderful women later.  Margie’s lovely daughter Erin Loughran and son in law Mickey Coleman as well as her husband John Reynolds and other family members will be among the teachers celebrating the weekend.

The sound engineer is a critical component to any performance. He or she can make or break a performance. John Reynolds is more than a sound engineer. He is a very fine fiddle player.  His sensitivity to the music is evident whether he plays behind a song, plays in the company of other musicians or works the sound board. The Catskills Irish Arts week will honor John for his dedication and expertise in Sound engineering.

Dylan Foley and Dan Gurney released a lovely cd at the Arts week in July. Their mentor Monsignor Coen told me he listened a few times and could not find one mistake.  He said it was as near to perfect as you could get. What a compliment boys. We look forward to hearing some tunes from them during the weekend. We also look forward to hearing from the Monsignor himself who has also launched a Coen family cd as well as our own Mike McHale.

For information call MJQ Cultural and Sports Centre at 518 634 2286.