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Dympna O’Sullivan: Biography and Class Description

Biographydymphna osullivan

I was born and raised in Lissycasey, Country Clare, in an area steeped in traditional music and song. From an early age, l was both attracted to and fascinated by the wealth of music around me. It is said that musicians do not choose instruments, but the instruments choose the musicians. I was fortunate enough to take classes from such tutors as the late Tommy McCarthy, John McMahon and Noel Hill. It was during my time there that l developed new skills regarding ornamentation, chords and style. For me what really counts is the living spark that is passed through the playing of the music in a live session, the openness and generosity of the many other musicians that l have played with down the years and the marvelous journey it has taken me on. I feel a deep satisfaction of passing on both through my teaching and playing a rich musical heritage and tradition that has nourished and inspired both musicians and listeners alike.