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Anna Colliton Class Description and Bio

Anna Colliton is one of America’s leading exponents of the bodhrán, the traditional Irish frame drum. From Chicago, a city of Irish musical excellence, Anna plays a highly intricate style of drumming with masterful tonal and rhythm variation. She has taught and performed at festivals across the country, teaches a weekly class at the Irish Arts Center in New York, and currently plays with the band Comas.

Class Description:

In Advanced Bodhrán, we learn to further enhance our jigs and reels with ornamentation, tonal variation, and syncopation, and also work on various approaches to other types of tunes including hornpipes, slip jigs, hop jigs, slides, and polkas. The class will explore elements of “top end” style bodhrán playing according to the wishes of the class. I’ll also provide both written notation and short videos (which will be posted for students to download after the week is over) for each topic. The goal of the class is to help students become versatile and sensitive players who are able to accompany tastefully in whatever style they choose, and students are strongly encouraged to bring questions, ideas, favorite recordings, and topics of discussion to class – we’re going to have fun!