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About Taste of CIAW

We are so EXCITED to introduce, “Taste of the Catskills Irish Arts Week“. July 12-18 2020. ☘️🇮🇪

**Please find some information below: 

-When you sign up as a student you get access to a wide variety of pre-recorded master classes. As a student you can sample these one hour master classes from any of the instructors and pick up some new tunes, new information, and see familiar faces.

-During the week (July 12-18) everyone can gather in the chat room (Slack) as a central gathering point for chatting, catching up with each other, etc. Students will be allowed to ask questions in each master class’s channel.

– Each night there will be special events (all pre recorded) like concerts, listening rooms, and lectures.

-After the CIAW week, the chat room will shut down but people will have access to watch the master classes at their own pace for another 8 weeks.

We appreciate your patience during these unprecedented times. It is our mission to Keep the Tradition Alive and we look forward to making this happen. ☘️


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