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2015 CIAW Concerts

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(For students who registered prior to April 15th)

4.00pm to 4.40pm. Kathleen Loughnane, Eileen O’Brien Minogue, Conal O’Grada, Jackie Daly.
4.50pm to 5.30pm. Dylan Foley, Dan Gurney, Edel Fox, Josh Dukes , Doimnic Mac Giolla Bhride.
CIAW 2015 Informance Performance/Discussion, Students only. THURSDAY, JULY 16th , The Blackthorne Resort
4.00pm to 5.00pm. Joanie Madden, Billy McComiskey, Willie Kelly, Mary Bergin, Kathleen Boyle.


MONDAY, JULY 13th, MJQ Festival Grounds

7.30pm to 8.25pm The New York Welcome with Monsignor Charlie Coen , Dylan Foley, Benedict Koehler , Rose Conway, Patty Furlong, Regan Wick, Doimnic Mac Giolla Bhride.
8.35pm to 9.30pm John Nolan , Bernadette Fee, Ryan McGiver, Linda Hickman, Deirdre Corrigan , Rebecca McGowan, Margie Mulvihill, John Reynolds.

TUESDAY, JULY 14th, MJQ Festival Grounds

7.30pm to 8.25pm Billy McComiskey, Mattie Mancuso, Brendan Dolan, Pauline Conneely, Larry Nugent, Donny Golden.
8.35pm to 9.30pm Conal O’Grada, Maeve Gilchrist, Edel Fox, Eileen O’Brien Minogue.

THURSDAY, JULY 16th, MJQ Festival Grounds

7.30pm to 8.25pm Kathleen Loughnane, Maeve Gilchrist, Jackie Daly, Matt Cranitch, Brendan Dolan, Pat Egan, Sean Cleland , Jackie O’Reilly.
8.35pm to 9.30pm Mary Bergin, Patrick Ourceau, Willie Kelly, Dan Gurney, Pat Egan.

FRIDAY, JULY 17th, MJQ Festival Grounds

7.30pm to 9.30pm- Mna na h’Eireann. 

This year, the Year of the Woman, the well known and highly acclaimed Irish Traditional Group Cherish the Ladies, celebrate their 30th Anniversary.The Catskills Irish Arts Week is both honored and excited to host Cherish the Ladies Joanie Madden, Mary Coogan, Mirella Murray, Kathleen Boyle and Eimear Arkins in this special concert celebrating thirty years of music and performances.This unique group of women led by Joanie are recognized for their exquisite talent worldwide. Special guests Mary Bergin, Eileen O’Brien Minogue, Rose Conway, Kathleen loughnane, Pauline Conneely, Margie Mulvihill and Kathleen Conneely will be invited to take to the stage in this grand salute to all women in the Irish Arts, in particular to those women in our Catskills Irish Arts Week Family. A special tribute is being paid on this occasion to both Joanie Madden and Mary Bergin for their vast contribution to the preservation of the Traditional Music and Culture of Ireland.